PAULA & HASSAN | London, UK & Budapest, Ungarn

“We wanted to sincerely thank you. We love it from beginning to the end.

The music is spot on and it is so well edited and it portrays the mood and our style perfectly.

Please feel free to share the video on your website and Facebook pages if you haven’t already and we keep spreading the word about the wonderful work you do.

You really saved us when we have been let down by Sergey!

Our wedding album has arrived and we couldn’t be happier with it! Thank you Csaba Vigh and Barbara Dósa



CHARLIE & GREG | Orchardleigh Estate, England

I had to have a quick look before Charlie arrived home from work.

OH MY GOD!!!! WOW!!! That is simply one of the best things I have ever seen!

I can’t tell you how happy I am with it!

And I really can’t wait to sit Charlie down with a nice glass of Champagne tonight and show her.

I also can’t wait to send it to my parents and all my friends and family.

I’m simply so happy with it.

Thank you so so much.





We love the photos, they are great!!!!!! You did a really great job!!!

Yeeeeeeeeeessssss! :))))))  Very excited to see the video and your great work.

Good morning!
First of all we have to say thank you! Thank you for the great, really really great movie!!! We were overwhelmed..all the details and of course the story behind. You captured every important moment, all the emotions and feelings. Everything what happend in Vegas was put in the movie. HIGH PROFESSIONAL! We are so grateful for such great memories and it was the best decision to have you with us in Vegas!!!!!!!!!!
Vanessa and Didi

SABRINA & ERIK | Wien, Austria


Thank you so much for this awesome movie! We love it!!

Also please tell Lazlo and Andras our best regards, they did and absolutely fantastic job and were a lot of fun to work with. Great movie. Good times. Wonderful memories!


We really love the wedding highlight film!! Glad to have such amazing films!! Thanks a lot!! You’re doing a great job!!


We just watched your feature film! WOW! It’s amazing! Thank you sooo much!!! We are excited!!!

Sorry for answering so late! Just talked about the movie and have seen that I did’t answer your mail. We are really happy with the films!!

Thank you so much and thanks to your team!

All the best, Erik & Sabrina


NICOLA & BEN | Ibiza, Spanien

Hello you both,

I´m trying to write it in English, but its hard for me. Im just writing to say a big THANK YOU. Ich watch your film over and over again and I´m soooosooosooo glad, you convinced me to book you also as videographer. Your photos are amazing, I knew that and they are even more special and stunning as I expected. But the film shows our emotions even better. (both films. the trailer is also unbelieveable brilliant.) We know you will never forget our wedding because of a very bad happening* and we are soo sorry for that.

*(one day before the  wedding 95% of photo and cinema equipment got stolen except one camera one lens and one gopro – all photos and films were shot with these)

When I made the budget for my wedding, there were two parts which were the most expensive ones, but also the most important things for us and these were the food and the photos. We bought a very cheap ring instead. We never regret the decision, to spend very good invested money on you both! Right after the wedding the wedding guests kept saying: “Wow! I never saw photographers who were so motivated, so everywhere. They didn´t eat, they only took photos the whole day! And they were so sweeping! We are so excited for your photos! They HAVE to be amazing!”

And the reactions to our movies were overwhelming. I shared it in groups, in facebook, in blogs and I never got one negative reaction. “Wow! I have never seen such a weddingsfilm.” (Which was for me the best part. Im sick of all the normal wedding movies) “It brought so many tears in my eyes”, even the people didnt know us.

Your photos are in our house everywhere 🙂 Csaba, Barbara, THANK YOU.

Mit lieben Grüßen Mag. Mag. (FH) Nicola Tutsch



SUSAN & STEFAN | Bali, Indonesien

More more, give me more! Amazing so far, can’t wait to see the rest. 

Thank you for the highlight film, you really got amazing footage,

can’t wait to see the full movie as well as the pictures

Thank you so much for the wonderful pictures,
we already shared the link on the first day.
What we have seen so far looks awesome,
it’s incredible how a good photographer team can shoot
amazing pictures with “amateur” models

Really, really happy to have booked you guys!


Thank you very much, that came unexpected yesterday

We love the movie very much, brings back so many memories how we felt that day.
Also wonderful introduction on german!
Thanks again of everything, it was the best choice to book you guys!
Always worth waiting, I can see that a low of work is included in such a movie.

Warm regards,


SIGITA & ARIS | Vilnius, Litauen

“Dear Arts Illustrated Studios Team,

We are certain, that every couple you ever shot photographs for returned with a lovely email with words of praise and thanks. Even if we risk sounding repetitive, allow us to express our heartfelt gratitude for capturing a day that was so perfect for us in such a variety of facets and colours. We had known from the very start, that you guys would deliver an extremely high level of creativity, observation of meaningful details and joy for what you do.

But seeing the result of your hard work blew us completely away and surpassed our wildest hopes. We love seeing such a complete documentary of the day. But we are particularly pleased with the many wonderfully edgy shots! The daring close-ups, the obscure angles, extreme wide angles, the obstructed shots, courageous compositions, vintage-edits and inventive colour-graded images are a testament to the photographic vision of your business and hand-picked team members.

Ben, you are not only blessed with a great eye and ideas but you turned out to be such a pleasant companion and part of our wedding guest crowd. You were so unstoppable! As the night had progressed into the late hours, we reminded you so often to just enjoy yourself now, party with the others, eat and enjoy yourself. You kept going, clearly because you have such a joy and passion for your work. We hope that we were a great couple to work with and that you enjoyed your trip to Lithuania and your being part of our experience.

Your gift, dear Ben by putting all this devotion into your work and also your generous gift, dear Csaba by making the whole project affordable to us and your work on selecting/pushing for excellence, are cherished presents to us. So please be assured that you have our deep gratitude.

Thank you! You guys ROCK! 😉

Sigita & Aris P.S. Did we mention? We LOVE the photos!”




“It was such a pleasure getting to meet you and Barbara, you guys are a wonderful couple and a great team! Jeff and I had such an amazing day and were so honored to be photographed by you! It was a dream come true for me. And even Jeff had a good time too, your energetic personality and enthusiastic spirit really made him comfortable and he enjoyed the day as well.

I really wish we had met sooner, I would’ve loved for you to photograph our wedding day, but I know having these photos will be just as good! I am so anxious to see our pictures, I hope they are just as spectacular as the pictures I saw in your photo book! I honestly had the best time shooting with you and I’m thrilled that you’ll be coming back to Miami with new and exciting ideas!”

“I’ve been so excited to see these pictures and they are amazing! I have so many that I love, you did a wonderful job photographing us and we had a blast doing it. The whole set as well as the re-touched images are beautiful!

The pages you put together of us for your next book are stunning, we can’t wait to see the whole book when it’s completed. We have been traveling – we just spent the Fall in New York and are now back in Florida for a little until next week when we leave for Hawaii and Bora Bora for our honeymoon!”



“Thank you so much for all the effort and love you have put into this project. We are very impressed with your favourites from Paris, Salzburg and Vienna on your website. We relive our journey and fun we had together and the relationships formed then!

Your retouching techniques are brilliant – Yun really enjoys the black and whites and Sunny is amazed at the wide? lens and how it captures everything. We understand what Barbie meant by how clouds in the sky are dramatic and why Csaba loves the wind so much. The shots really include the feeling and atmosphere of the event that will remind us of our special time!! Sending much love! Sunny and Yun”



Hi Csaba!

“We are so absolutely excited and thrilled with the photos. They are beautiful! You and Vica did such a wonderful job. Thank you so so much! We will probably have difficulty choosing just one to include on our save the date card..

Thank you so very much.”




“Hi Csaba, thank you for these amazing pictures. Great work!”



“Thanks a lot for the link to the pics, we reviewed them the whole weekend and we are so happy with the outcome… the pics are so professional.”

Karina & Gerald


“We’re simply speachless!!!

As you know, we had high expectations with you from the very beginning, but you still managed to far exceed them! Those pictures are amazing, breathtaking! We had the best day we could ever dream of, and those images are such a wonderful additional bonus! We’re gonna have a really hard time choosing them! Congrats to you and Tekla for a brilliant job!!!

Once again we’re both very impressed and thanks for capturing the memories of this key moment in our life in such a magical way!”


We would like to thank you for the awesome pictures.They are perfect and captured our day in a fabulous way.

The atmosphere during the shooting was great and we really enjoyed the time. You as a team work perfectly together and you caught very special moments on photo. Thank you!”



The pictures are just amazing!

Both Julia and I are speechless with how beautiful all the pictures are. Thank you so much for capturing our wedding day so well. We really appreciate your hard work and your devotion to making sure it all came out so well. Thank you again for your amazing work! We hope to see you in Munich soon.”



“So we finally had time to sit down and look at the photos, they are amazing! Thanks for doing such an awesome job!



“Woooow! we’re so thrilled. You’ll get our feedback as soon as possible :)))  Thank you so much!”



“Thank you very much for the pictures! They are amazing!!! We wish you all a good day and thank you for your wonderful work!”


“Heeey Csaba great to hear from you guys!! if anyone that’s us to thank, we are ever grateful to you and beautiful Vica, seriously the amount mouths that your photos leave open is just not funny, you are one f… talented bastard ;)”


“Hey Csaba, mark here just wanna say I just seen the pics and they are stunning and absolutely fantastic! Thanks a million for all your hard work you are a true legend mate! Hope both you and Vica are well and let me wish you guys health wealth happiness lots of success with millions of $$$ for the new year! Hope to see you guys again in the main time k and I will stalk you both on the web ??? big hello to Vica, see ya”




“Thanks Csaba, these are beautiful. You’re an amazing artist. I also loved Nic Kelman’s shots. So well done. I hope you’re available to take my author headshot if I ever publish 🙂

Dan forwarded me the below email…. I don’t think Dan and I (as subjects) did your photos justice. You are a brilliant photographer and your work is incredibly beautiful. I wish we were a little more prepared for our photo shoot. Dan was not prepared for the heat or rain, but somehow you managed to capture something special. You certainly have the eye and gift!

We enjoyed our time and meeting Barbara, and actually owe you both a dinner. The next time you come through the NY or NJ area, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would love to see you. And maybe by then, you will have a child of your own. I remember that was next on your to do list. ???

p.s.- it was fun seeing you in Vienna as well !”



“Das Warten hat sich wirklich ausgezahlt. Die Fotos sind ganz toll. Herzlichen Dank! Unseren Kindern hat die Fotosession auch großen Spass gemacht.

Wir freuen uns schon auf dich bei unserer Hochzeit und sind froh, dass du unsere Momente dort einfängst. Liebe Grüße aus Wien.”


“Hi Csaba, what you and Barbara have put together is something we will cherish forever.

The photos speak volumes and brings to life the laughter, excitement, love and sheer happiness we experienced throughout the period we were in Maldives. You’ve captured every moment as if we were right there living it for the first time, again and again. There is not enough thanks or compliments to the kodak like moments photos you’ve managed to catch on camera.”



Thank you so much for these wonderful Photos!! We love it so much and we never want forget this Day, what have you done for us unforgettable! And we´ll see you always meet twice in live 🙂 No later than the Anniversary 🙂 Love & Greetings from Steiermark”




“Love, love, love the photos – they are frickin’ awesome!! You’ve captured our day just perfectly, and we’re so pleased with the results.

We will have the selection ready at the weekend, but we wanted to pick some of the photos that you took of our dance at the end. We weren’t able to select them as they aren’t appearing in your gallery (we expect because there are just too many photos!) Lol.

We can’t say thank you enough for your fantastic eye for detail, and honestly can’t wait to show our guests at our London party on 10 June – they’re going to be lost for words just like we are! Thanks so much, Viet Anh and Cuong”



“We’re very excited and pleased – they’re terrific, thank you so much! Really a lot of pictures we absolutely loved – we’re very happy with them! Thanks again!”


Thank you so much for your efforts and of course of Tekla and Lazlo! The pictures are fantastic – wonderful!

We just came back from Bali and I was working a lot this week. The photos were a highlight in my life.

Time passes so quickly at such a wonderful day and you captured so many wonderful moments. There are so many cool shots – incredible!

You all did a fantastic, artistic job. We are very happy that we met you. It was interesting, but I felt as I would have known you for a long time and we also hope to keep in touch for the future.

Thanks a lot! Warm greetings for Your wife, Tekla and Lazlo”


“Hi Csaba and the team! The images are wonderful, going through them brought back all the happy memories!

The music along side really adds to the experience. Hope you guys are out there having fun!”



“Seriously Csaba now that I have worked with other photographers and had experiences, I tell everyone you are a very good photographer. You helped me so much when we took my photos. Partly your personality but you have a good eye and a good way of bringing out the idea in people you are looking for. When I worked with some of these photographers they communicate terrible and don´t try to understand how to explain what they want. So I am glad you helped make my portraits.

ANIKO TOWERS | Budapest, Ungarn

“When I agreed with Csaba and Barbi to do a boudoir shoot in their studio in the heart of Budapest, i honestly could have never imagined what a fantastic atmosphere these two can create for such a delicate occasion…

On my arrival Viki (the best make-up artist I have met ) was already prepared and waiting to transform me into this glamour goddess which i always dreamt about. The studio itself is part of a quirky downtown flat with a sky-high sealing equipped with the coolest lighting and latest gadgets possible:)

So when I was all dolled up, we started off with a few shots of a lovely home-made fruity spirit, the legendary hungarian hazipalinka to ease the nerves. As soon as you started to photograph my sparkly party dress I felt the photos will be amazing,

Your sense of intimacy pairs with that incredibly easy going attitude, which made me feel relaxed and so achieve that look I was dreaming of. I had the chance to change quite a few outfits to make sure we capture all the hotness of some seriously sexy lingerie.

I am truly delighted to have this wonderful experience, it was such a fantastic afternoon and I am so looking forward to see the full gallery, although I’m absolutely sure the photos will be priceless.

You two are seriously talented, very many thanks again for being so creative and taking portrait photography to the next level,